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  • Confirmation of reaction products
  • Confirmation of molecular formula (exact mass measurement)
  • Quantitation of small molecules
  • Nominal mass and accurate mass measurements (<10ppm)
  • Structural elucidation (MS/MS)
  • Analysis of synthetic compounds, polymers and biomolecules
  • Large and small peptide analysis/characterization/quantitation
  • Protein identification from whole cell lysates, organelles
  • Protein-protein interaction & protein complex analysis
  • Post-translational modification mapping – both global and specific PTM analysis; qualitative and quantitative
  • Quantitative Proteomics (Label free, Absolute quantitation, Isotopic labeling)
  • Thermal Proteome Profiling and Meltome Analysis
  • Intact protein mass measurement up to 60K
  • Targeted Proteomics
  • Protein identification from in-gel digests
  • In-gel digestion to extract peptides for Gel-LC-MS/MS
  • In solution digestions (a range of proteolytic enzyme digestions catered to project needs)
  • Enrichment of Post-Translational Modifications (catered to project needs)
  • Isotopic Labeling (e.g., TMT, SILAC, Dimethyl etc.)
  • Peptide quantification (both colorimetric and fluorometric peptide assays)
  • Peptide fractionation to reduce sample complexity
  • Sample Clean-up (Solid phase extraction)
  • Protein Precipitations (many to choose from depending on your sample composition)
  • Protein Electrophoresis - SDS PAGE
  • Affinity purified proteins (AP), Co-IPs*
  • Whole cell lysates
  • Membrane/Organelle preps

Note: Always prepare negative controls for your (AP), Co-Ips


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